Dot writes: I bought this cute little dressing-gown for Hugh in Southampton. It may have gone to his head.

Look, no hands!

6 thoughts on “Stripy!

  1. Dot

    He’s doing the most dreadful simper in that first picture! Then he makes up for it in the second by looking gormless:-) Yes, he is adorable!

  2. katimum

    I utterly refute the suggestion my Grandson could possibly be Gormless! Indeed his Gormed state is shown clearly by his stripey dressing gown. To elaborate – I refer, of course, to the woad used to dye it blue. I read in a little book on the subject of woad, which, frustrating I cannot at present lay my hands on, a story of St Patrick. ‘Gorm’ apparently referred in Ireland to woad and the blue produced by it. The dyeing process was an exclusively female mystery and the belief was that if any male was so foolish as to wander in when the dyeing was being done, the magical transformation (which has to be seen to be believed) from the yellow cloth as it comes out of the dye vat into a blue cloth simply by being waved in the air would not take place. Such a male would be truly ‘gormless’. However, St Patrick in his youth, being inspired by innocent curiousity, did so intrude and was duly scolded. However, the cloth on this occasion turned into even more impressive blue and pink stripes, so demonstrating his incipient saintliness.

  3. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    I couldn’t help but think that he looks like he is auditioning for a Christmas play.
    Perhaps the second shepherd?

  4. Dot

    Sarah, I followed the link and was disappointed to see no pink dressing gown – though I expect Andrew is glad you spared him that:-)

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