The joy of catalogues

Dot writes: I was just searching the TCD library catalogue for Sex and Sexuality in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. Carol Braun Pasternack and Lisa M. C. Weston (it contains an essay on virgin martyrs that I’d like to read, in case you want to know). We don’t have it, but we do have the engagingly named Paul Raymond’s Sex Maniac’s Annual! I find the enthusiastic exclamation mark particularly appealing. Sadly, although this is listed as a periodical, there seems to have been only one issue. Mr Raymond must have run out of energy.

(Right, spam filter, cope with that one!)


4 thoughts on “The joy of catalogues

  1. “Mr Raymond must have run out of energy.” ? Au contraire , Dotty. Raymond was the owner of Raymond’s Review Bar. His fur-coated person was the energetic centre of the Soho sex maniac scene throughout the sixties.

  2. Dot

    Well, I don’t feel especially embarrassed that I’d never heard of him! But the single issue of the annual came out in 1982 (according to the TCD catalogue), so it may postdate his most vigorous period.

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