The Case of the Furtive Footwear

Dot writes: half of my favourite pair of shoes was missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere – not under the sofa, nor kicked off by the desk, nor fallen down the back of the shoe-rack, nor on the floor in any corner I could think of. I eventually discovered it (inspired by who knows what impulse of curiosity) inside the dirty clothes hamper. Ken assures me that he didn’t put it there and it would certainly be out of character if he had. Now, who could it have been? šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “The Case of the Furtive Footwear

  1. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    No, do not unfairly insinuate this incident represents the work of a small human in your midst. It is far more likely a relatively extreme manifestation of footwear displacement, more often experienced in the form of half of a pair of socks loss. Shoe loss is relatively less common and represents a considerably more serious displacement within the time space continuum, an intensity of displacement certainly known in, but not peculiar to, Ireland. That the shoe went no further than the dirty clothes basket is an often observed result of the ‘Pale’ effect on footwear loss episodes in parts of the country. The pull of the two opposing forces can strip shoelaces and even produce a ‘chewed’ effect.

  2. Amelia when sitting near either my or Jon’s feet makes a beeline for soles and laces…

    I wonder if they seems interesting as we obviously perambulate on them so to understand this mode of movement they need to investigate them thoroughly.

  3. katimum

    Oddly, this interest in footwear also seems to affect the feline mind too; but this is probably helpfulness carried to extremes as one clearly cannot lace up boots without the assistance and supervision of the house cat!

  4. Dot

    I’ve seen Hugh before attempt and fail to lift one of Ken’s trainers onto the top of the dirty clothes basket. It was very funny because the trainer was so big and heavy for him, at least as long as one of his little legs, and he heaved and struggled to get it up there, using only one hand while steadying himself against the basket with the other. My shoe, of course, is rather lighter and smaller.

    I’m afraid the circumstantial evidence does point to the small human…

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