The lowdown

Dot writes: look no further to learn what’s hot and what’s not among the under-three-footers of chez Ken and Dot.

Going up:
* walking. Practically non-stop, with only little pauses for unplanned sit-downs.
* Mummy’s jumpers. They’re brilliant! You can pull them out of the wardrobe and throw them all over the floor! And then, as if by magic, they all return to the wardrobe!
* those dangly things that attach shopping trolleys together. Great for teething. [Dot disagrees.]
* putting things into other things (e.g. a plastic spoon into the tumble-dryer, a half-eaten pear into ditto) – last month’s favourite is still going strong.
* the inside of the toilet, if only they’d let us have a proper look.

Going down:
* spoon-feeding. Unless we’re very hungry. But, for the cool kid, it’s all about hands.
* having one’s nappy changed. How dare they! But we have stupendous powers of wriggle…
* lego. Hysteria-inducing scary stuff, it seems.

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