Quick walk last weekend

Ken writes:

It was a long weekend and as the weather was nice, Dot and I seized the chance for a quick little walk in the hills. It was a fun day out. We took a series of interesting back roads from our place in Ballybrack to Glencullen and took in a brief section of the Wicklow Way up to the Fairy Castle hill. Afterwards we had a lite lunch at Johnny Fox’s pub, ‘the highest pub in Ireland’ and went to the new toy shop Hanley’s in Dundrum. All in all, a nice indication of how perfectly Dublin can combine the fine parts of town and countryside. I particularly liked driving the back roads south of the M50 through places like Stepaside and Kilternan.

7 thoughts on “Quick walk last weekend

  1. kenanddot

    I don’t think you want to get me started on the topic of spelling reform again!

    Actually, in this case, I thought I was using it appropriately. It’s in the OED after all, but (now that I check it) that use is usually postpositional and with connotations of being a reduced calorie version of something, and I don’t think our lunch was.

  2. Laura

    How can it be that you’re so svelte, making full return to your figure, and it’s only a few weeks shy of Prawn’s (make that, Scampi’s) first birthday? Is it the long walks, toting the child, or is it chasing after that handsome fellow – that other one – from the photos with striped robe?
    Butcher one of the flock you see, and feed your family some mutton. (I’ll avert my eyes.)

  3. Dot

    Laura, I’ve lost the weight but I haven’t really got my figure back – my tummy has this plump, squashy, pouffy quality now, and somehow I don’t have the time or motivation to do the ab-crunches that might sort it out. I’m not that bothered about it. The weight was lost in the first six months just by breastfeeding. Taking care of someone else’s calorific requirements as well as your own will do that.

    Thanks for noticing. I do feel faintly smug, despite the aforementioned pouffy tum.

  4. Dot

    I don’t believe it, Sunbug. But let us wear our soft squashiness with pride, as the sign that our bodies have done their maternal thing and are now perfectly adapted for cuddling, rather than for making uncomfortable underwear look good.

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