Playtime in the virtual British Library

Dot writes: I promised Ken I would post today, but today I have been mostly teaching palaeography (to the MPhil students) and making up essay questions and emailing people about things (chiefly the Broad Curriculum course which I organise). So I have five minutes to fulfil my NaBloPoMo commitment before I go to choir. I would therefore like to suggest to anyone who hasn’t already done so that they go and have a play with the online gallery in the British Library website. As a medievalist I would particularly recommend the Luttrell Psalter. Hours of fun (e.g. waiting for it to load…)


4 thoughts on “Playtime in the virtual British Library

  1. Great stuff, as they say. I’ve taken the liberty of quoting you (without reference to Ken & Dot) so as to bring this to Forum attention (but without either plagiarising – we must be paragons of propriety to our students – or disclosing your alter ego).

    I hope that the Bibliotheque Nationale *doesn’t even think about doing this* (well, there have been a few attempts…) given the dreadful job they’ve done with books and even recent editions over on Gallica. Not until French libraries are taken over by German academic librarians, who know a thing or two about top-notch digitization.

    So long as no-one mentions 1871.

  2. Dot

    It must be said that the German libraries do do this sort of thing very well. The problem often is that the image files are so unmanageably large you can hardly see them (as with the Bodleian website), or you have to download new plug-ins, which is a bore (and sadly the BL has this problem). But the Codices Electronici Sangallenses site is brilliant – you can blow up the page to exactly the size you want.

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