One of those days

Dot writes: I was writing a successor to Ken’s post on Englishness, but the computer has just swallowed forty minutes’ work by dint of mysteriously ceasing to be connected to the internet, and I don’t have the energy to write it all again tonight. This morning I took Hugh to the shopping centre in Blackrock to buy replacements for the hats he keeps losing, and when I’d finished I found I’d lost my parking ticket (penalty for lost ticket: ten euros – though actually the nice man let me out for free). And although I had been to Superquinn when in Blackrock to get vegetables I still had to stop and go to the shop partway through preparing dinner because I found we didn’t have any onions, meaning I then had to cook with Hugh clinging to my leg and shouting because he was hungry and wanted to be picked up and carried around, or else fed, only I couldn’t feed him until I’d finished cooking, which was a much slower process because it’s hard to cook with a baby in one arm or attached to one’s leg… And I can’t find any of his spoons. Somewhere, there is a little troll that eats weaning spoons. And occasionally parking tickets. And hats. And onions. And blog posts.

I’m off to bed.


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