What I need in my life

Ken writes:

A little kitchen timer I could set after pouring hot water over my tea bag. I’m always going off leaving my tea steeping only to come back an indefinite time later to some cold, extremely bitter tea (whereupon, I reboil the water, knock back half a cup of cold tea and refill with hot water. I may be forgetful, but I’m not wasteful! There’s a recession on!)

6 thoughts on “What I need in my life

  1. I recently solved this problem once and for all with the Bodum “Shin Cha” Teapot (luckily I kept the box so I know that that was the name). After pouring the first cup, simply press the plunger and the steeping stops. I’m drinking the third and final cup right now and it’s as good as the first.

    <a href=”http://www.centralchef.com/storefrontprofiles/processfeed.aspx?sfid=123094&i=241100988&mpid=7714&dfid=1″

  2. On rereading I see that your problem is more with the initial steep so maybe the complete solution would be some sort of timer plus this type of teapot, which I would add works as well with a teabag as with loose tea.

  3. kenanddot

    Thanks for the suggestions. The tea pot looks very nice. As a first step I’ve taken sunbug’s advice and downloaded a free egg timer widget.

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