Dot writes: I have been a largely absent Mummy this week. I’ve been attending a series of talks by a visiting palaeographer, meaning that I’ve been out more than my usual one evening and haven’t had a day ‘working at home’. (Working at home involves putting a load of photocopied articles on the table, and then playing with Hugh on the floor.) This evening, however, I did get some quality time with my little boy. He was enjoying himself very much blowing raspberries on my leg. He would blow a great sloppy slobbery raspberry and then cackle with pleasure. How could humanist bookhands possibly compete with that?


One thought on “Thpppptt

  1. That sounds like a fab day! Amelia loves sitting in her high chair if I’m working at the table – often working out her 4 chompers on anything that comes within reach or reaching for the MacBook. She has become very vociferous in the last 2 weeks or so, which amuses the cats who are starting to come closer…

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