Lazy but attractive post

Dot writes: so, we have fallen off the NaBloPoMo bandwagon. I was feeling rotten last night and went to bed early, and Ken was busy doing philosophy and inexplicably prioritized his actual work over posting. Truly, women are from Venus and philosophers are from Pluto or somewhere. But here are some nice pictures of Hugh as the blogging equivalent of an apologetic smile.
sleepy-grandmaThis was taken on his birthday, after the party.nudeBefore having his bath last night, he though it was important to finish all his tasks in the kitchen.coatsHeading out the door today…escape…but with his own idea about where we were going (that door gives onto a first-floor balcony).


6 thoughts on “Lazy but attractive post

  1. kenanddot

    Sunbug, it took me ages to work out that you didn’t mean your mother had washed your father in the dishwasher and thereby transferred him to a different dimension…

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