Dot has no friends

Dot writes: actually, I have lots of friends – certainly enough to make me feel happy and grateful – but what I don’t have is people coming to the concert on Monday. We’ve just had a rehearsal and it seems that my friend Aura may not be in it either, unless she has suddenly changed heads like a character in Neighbours – there was a bass player, but it didn’t look like Aura. Anyway, I am rather embarrassed not to have sold any tickets, despite giving the concert a plug on this very blog and e-mailing my whole department; and it even seems, on the strength of tonight’s singing, that the concert may after all be rather good…

A further little embarrassment: because Ken is not coming on Monday (he will be at home with Hugh) I have no lift home afterwards. Two choir members live in Dalkey and I could ask them. But one of them is the president of the choir, and I’m not sure I have the face to admit to him that I haven’t even sold a ticket to my own husband.


3 thoughts on “Dot has no friends

  1. Meri

    Has it occured to you that your plug doesn’t actually say to buy tickets from you? Random people may have seen your blog and decided to go and buy tickets from the main office; you wouldn’t know that or have any way of measuring the numbers, but you would be responsible for the increase in sales.

    I would love to come to your concert. There is however the slight problem of how to get there when I have to be at work in southampton till 4pm that day and from 8.45am on Tues…

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