Live from Auckland

Ken writes: We’ve made to Auckland safe and sound. Updates to follow.


8 thoughts on “Live from Auckland

  1. laura

    Congratulations! I was wondering if you’d have the time to post from NZ. I look forward to updates and a good story about Hugh’s first plane ride.

  2. kenanddot

    @Helen: it got lost in Singapore. Sorry.
    @Sarah: I still haven’t worked out when or if we’ll be seeing my cousin, but I’ll be in touch. I haven’t been very organised in the last few weeks: it was a bit of a scramble to finish teaching jobs and so forth before we left…

  3. That’s OK. I had a bit of a panic that maybe you didn’t get my email and thought I was snubbing you. We’re all in a stew here, so you’d have to take us as you found us. Daughter has just moved back in so mess everywhere. Dog smells but all the pet groomers are fully booked. And…..I’ve just resigned and have agreed to a 6 month contract in Brisbane setting up an e-mentoring scheme. So just turn up…it will be fun.

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