cabbage trees


I don’t think I can insert a picture into a comment so I’ve had to make this a new post, but here’s a picture of a cabbage tree. They look like things designed by Dr Suess and they are all over Dublin.


6 thoughts on “cabbage trees

  1. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    Merry Christmas to Ken, dot and Prawn
    From Helen, Padraig, Quintilian (aka ‘Q’), Deiphobe (aka Phoebe), and Professor Minerva McGonnigle (aka Niggles)

  2. Fergus Cantwell

    Hi Andrew,
    Interesting you should pick this particular botanical blight on the Dublin landscape. Their botanical tag is ‘Cordyline australis’ and the proper common name is, wait for it, ‘New Zealand cabbage palm’. There must be an unconscious affinity? They are my own particular pet horticultural hate and i am proud to say i have not ever planted one in my gardening career, though i have dug some up. I think their once-intended effect was to introduce a ‘tropical’ feel to gardens but, as I hope you’ll agree, they serve, in the process, only to highlight the contrast between ‘tropical’ and a dismal grey January day in Dublin. The cabbage epithet is to do with their allegedly brassica- like panicles of flowers. So there you go; its all New Zealands fault.
    Happy new year,

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