Hello frilly

Dot writes: a milestone: as of last Thursday, the day he turned fourteen months old, Hugh has officially finished breastfeeding. I’m not sure he has quite noticed yet. But I have. I have just bought myself three underwired, lacy, opening-only-at-the-back and completely-without-flaps bras. My breasts are just the same size as before I got pregnant, only a bit lower down. Alas for the days of sweetly suckling my baby; but hooray for the joys of pretty underwear!


5 thoughts on “Hello frilly

  1. Belle Inconnue

    I’m amazed you managed to get 3 bras – I’ve been undie shopping recently, and everything is either black/white/beige (boring) red (no, obviously), way too sexy (I don’t want/need to wear suspenders) or too grandma-ish (I’m not a grandma). Stuff also seems to be either nylon scratchy nasty cheapness, or absurdly expensive.

    Where are the mid-priced, middle of the road, not too hot, not too cold but Juuuuusssst right undies lurking, as goldilocks might say? Any good shopping tips?

  2. Dot

    I was awfully conventional and went to M & S, where I thought that many of the bras were too harsh in colour or fabric but I did like some of the Per Una range and also a range called Adored. I got two cream-coloured bras and one grey with white trim (which sounds dreary but is actually very pretty, IMHO).

    Good luck with the undie-hunt.

  3. Belle Inconnue

    ah, good old m&s – I will have another look there. Sometimes they change the ranges quite frequently, so two weeks after not finding anything there might be something nice. I agree about the colours – I like a nice coloured bra, but often they’re really garish. Thanks for your tip – oh, and congratulations on weaning Hugh and getting back into nice undie land!

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