Today, we march

Ken writes:

I’m dragging us out to the workers’ protest march in Dublin today. Dot is coming along but with reservations. We both have them. We’re convinced that if the country really is in such dire financial straits as they say, then a pension contribution/levy is a sensible means to reduce the Government’s outgoings (I admit I don’t really know how it works).

But I think it is worth protesting anyway. We’re not protesting against that particular measure.

This is the chance to press re-set. The current predicament may not have been entirely caused by the Government and the men in power, but this is the chance to hold them to account for their other wrong-doings, which in the usual order of things never happens, because the deck is so massively stacked to the advantage of the vested interests. In the normal course of things, the regulators, the investigators and the businessmen and politicians they regulate and investigate have too much in common and have interests too closely aligned for anyone ever to get more than a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

I’ll post this now, since it will take me a while to assemble all the pieces of evidence to make the case (and I don’t want to miss the march), but my short time in Ireland has been long enough to convince me that the Irish people are appallingly badly served by the men in charge (in business and in Government) and that, since it is obvious there have to be adjustments to deal with the financial crisis, it is important being loud and obstreperous now so that the system really does get changed.


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