Bullet bitten

Dot writes: so, I have told my Head of School about Sprout. He was very nice and congratulated me warmly; but then, as he mentioned more than once, he won’t be Head of School next year so covering my teaching is to a certain extent someone else’s problem. On the other hand, it is certainly up to him to start putting arrangements in place, and he also said that I should put in for my research leave now, even though it will have to be delayed until 2010-11, so that it can go through with his signature on it and be thoroughly secure. I feel much relieved.

Our department has been exceptionally fertile of late. Hugh seemed to kick off a trend, and since his arrival four of my colleagues have become fathers for the first or second time, with a particularly busy period over the last three months when a baby arrived each month. When Sprout becomes more generally known people will be looking around narrowly and wondering who is next…


4 thoughts on “Bullet bitten

  1. Three cheers for Head of School! And for a happy and fortune Sprout, fully doubly “bien-heuré.” With such a fine collection of English Literature offspring, you’ll all have fine storytelling, poetry-reciting, and reading parties to look forward to …

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