2nd anniversary of this blog

Happy Birthday to this,
Happy Birthday to this,
Happy Birthday Ken and Dot’s Allsorts,
Happy Birthday to this.

Two years of blogging today. ‘Allsorts’ still rather an overstatement. Nevertheless, we regularly crack 50 views a day now and we’re quite pleased with that. A fair number of our readers aren’t even related to us.

Thankyou for visiting and please keep coming!


9 thoughts on “2nd anniversary of this blog

  1. Dot

    Virtual cakes are all we’re having – or at least all I’m having, as I’ve given them up for Lent. Thankyou, it tastes delicious!

  2. Helen, an excellent question. And surely it would be terribly unfair to inflict Lent on a poor unsuspecting Sprout, who can neither consent nor even comprehend at this stage?

    Moral conundrum of the week … From another point of view, within all the research of gastronomic tastes’ and eating habits’ connection to the pre-natal stage: I wonder if there have been any findings on children who spent quality time inside during Lenten fasts? And if so, if there had been any discernable and significant differences re. at what stage Lent fell?

    (Apologies, brain recovering from job applications, marking, and student emergencies. Sigh. More hugs to Hugh. And to the good Dot/Sprout combo.)

  3. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    My mother craved cream cheese, walnuts and strawberries with me; coffee grounds with my brother. The only result seems to be that I am the one who needs a continuous intake of caffeine and my brother doesn’t.

  4. Dot

    I didn’t have cravings with Hugh and don’t with Sprout so far, apart from the cravings I always have for unhealthy things like cake. The morning sickness is making me want to nibble a lot on things like toast and nuts. I have to be careful to make sure I get some fruit and veg in, or I merely swap the nausea for indigestion.

    The nausea seems to be easing off, by the way, though it’s still still there. (Eleven weeks three days today.)

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