Hugh goes upwards, possibly outwards and backwards

Dot writes: you may have noted the rather nice stripy blue dungarees Hugh was wearing for the purposes of sitting the wrong way in his high chair. We bought those three weeks ago. They are already too small. The poppers between his legs constantly unpop so that he ends up wandering around in a sort of dreadful slashed skirt fastened around each ankle. I think they may have shrunk slightly in the wash, but consider this: slightly longer ago (late January?) I bought him some grey and red tracksuit bottoms from Debenhams, which were sufficiently long we had to turn the bottoms of the legs up by well over an inch. Now those trousers are not only a perfectly acceptable length but it’s rather a struggle to get them over his little fat bottom and Ken considers them too tight for use. And the blue trousers we bought on the same day as the striped dungarees no longer need turning up. And his little duffle coat is now hip length (though still too long in the arms).

He has definitely grown. How much of it is height – especially back length; he has proportionally short limbs – and how much is his little fat tummy, I’m not sure. We have switched to cow’s milk which is much fattier than formula and I wonder if that has had an effect.

Meanwhile he seems to have given up on the talking for a bit. We still get loads of foreign-sounding babbling but it must have a been a week since we were treated to a ‘woof-woof’ or a ‘bye-bye’. I am assuming he will take it up again shortly, as surely even Hugh must realise that vague gesturing followed by getting very cross is not a satisfactory way to issue instructions to one’s parents.


5 thoughts on “Hugh goes upwards, possibly outwards and backwards

  1. It is frightening how quickly they grow – I took Amelia to be weighed today so we can get the next car seat and she was Massive compared to so many of the albeit younger babies. Was also nice to see that she is the fastest crawler and had fun wandering off and standing and declaiming to anyone who cared to listen.

    I was also shocked to realise I carry about a 10
    kilo child on a regular basis! Often under one arm – affords a better view of the cats ;-D

  2. Dot

    I’m not sure how much Hugh weighs but it is around 12.5 kg I think. We weigh him now by standing on the scales, then doing so again while holding him, and working out the difference, and our scales aren’t that accurate – also, wriggling makes them dither. I have noticed that the biceps muscle of my left arm, the one I use for carrying Hugh about while I do things with my other hand, is now perceptibly bigger than the biceps of my right arm.

    Congratulations to Amelia on being champion crawler!

  3. If I haven’t said it already, congratulations on Sprout! Becky also said she was trying to type congratulations but got kicked off the internet and then Clem screamed or something.

    I was thinking of this post about clothes this morning and I was thinking how we tend to buy clothes (when we buy them, which has been rare, actually) at least six months too old for Clem so he grows into them. He has been wearing his 12 to 18 month stuff since he was between seven and eight months. The items were all baggy at first but have since tightened up. We have some 18-24 month clothes that we have just started using and some that are still big enough that we are leaving them aside for the moment. So anyway I was just surprised to think you would buy something that fit Hugh at the time of purchase as I tend to buy freakishly large things for future-proofing. But maybe walking makes the fit more important?

  4. Dot

    @Jeremy: in fact in the past we usually have bought things too big, but Hugh has grown through two sizes very quickly and we now have none in hand. He also catches us out by being a size bigger on the top half than he is on the bottom half. And with walking you do want trousers that are roughly the right length, or that only need to be turned up a little way, or he trips over them.

    Thanks for the congratulations! Sprout still seems to be sprouting, I am happy to report. My morning sickness is getting rather better and there is no bump as yet, so it is all a little uneventful on the Sprout front. I have my first appointment with the community midwives next week so that will generate some Sprout news.

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