Dot escapes/ Dot in exile

Dot writes: I’ve gone away without Hugh and without Ken, and it feels very odd indeed. Nobody woke me at 5.30 (I woke spontaneously at 5, turned over determinedly, and eventually managed to doze until 6.48). Nobody wanted milk and cuddles in the dim light of dawn (I was offered champagne at breakfast but refused because of Sprout). There are lots of vulnerable small objects in unguarded cupboards and I am not worried. I miss my little darling, and my big beardy darling, but I am actually rather enjoying myself.

This is my sister’s bridesmaids’ weekend, for socializing and fitting dresses in advance of her wedding in May. I’d thought I was going to stay with her in Southampton, but in fact everyone has gathered at her future mother-in-law’s house in Ringwood. I am rather a shy person but I am enjoying the happy social atmosphere, and I very much like my matron-of-honour dress, which was fitted first thing this morning.


6 thoughts on “Dot escapes/ Dot in exile

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Alice’s first day at playschool (as it was called then) I caught myself constantly reaching down for her hand while walking home on my own.

    1. kenanddot


      The awful thing is, I don’t keep looking around for Hugh – after all, I’m quite used to being without him at work. But right now I would really like to be able to give him a big cuddle.

  2. katimum

    I too am missing the little man. I am pale and wan – Hueless – and have been thinking I could hear his little voice all week. Often it was a distant cat or a child in the supermarket.

    I wonder, has he been up celebrating all night, downing bottle after bottle of milk, to mark Ireland’s winning of the 6 nations?

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