Dot writes: I’ve had a lot of headaches recently. Yesterday I got a stinker. I’d gone into work early in the hope of getting lots done before meeting Ken around four to resume Prawn-duty, but by lunchtime my headache was of the machines-slowly-tunnelling-through-my-skull variety and I had to come home. I snatched a nap before Ken had to go off for his work commitment but I didn’t feel much better; I was very grateful to Hugh for then having a two-hour sleep, which I spent on the sofa drinking water, but the headache was still there when he woke up; I went to bed really early, but the headache was still pounding away this morning.

The thing about being pregnant is that it sucks all symptoms into its orbit. During my last pregnancy I had a full-blown migraine, with scattering lights and tunnel vision and all, which I put down to my delicate condition. (In fact my last pregnancy was a kind of tapas pregnancy, in which I had small samples of all possible symptoms apart from the really scary ones – a day of metallic-taste-in-the-mouth, one vomit, a soupcon of symphysis pubis pain, slight bloating of the ankles etc etc) My pregnancy books say one can have headaches in pregnancy because of stress, lack of fluids or blood sugar, or because of high blood pressure in which case the proper response is to panic. So I was wondering whether I should rush off to the doctor.

However, it so happens that about a week ago I ran out of decaffeinated tea. For four or five days therefore I was drinking the ordinary sort. Then on Tuesday we got round to buying some more decaf, and I came off the caffeine cold turkey. And the next day I got a thumping grinding beastly humdinger of a headache. I thought about this as I groaned out of bed at 6.30 (Ken having heroically dealt with 5.30, which today was Hugh’s chosen hour of rising). And then I had a cup of caffeinated tea. And then I felt much better.

Worrying, isn’t it.


One thought on “Addict

  1. Belle Inconnue

    i know exactly what you mean, i often have caffinewithdrawal headaches!
    (though of course I’m not pregnant and don’t have any of your other symptoms!)
    congratulations on sprout btw – how nice to have an addition to the prawn!

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