Health debate

Dot writes: The Biopsy Report has an interesting post on the debate over access to health-care – should people whose problems can be attributed to ‘lifestyle choices’ (e.g. smoking) be bumped down the queue? The majority of the commenters say no and at first reaction I am with them, but I think this blogger puts some interesting arguments for the other side. Read and ponder.


3 thoughts on “Health debate

  1. laura

    A comment from the land where health care (insurance) coverage is denied to anyone with a pre-exsting condition (and having a uterus is a pre-existing condition according to companies I applied with): I wonder how it’s possible to tease apart “lifestyle” choices and mental health issues. It may be that one person’s drinking is a choice while another’s is an attempt to cope with untreated depression, stress, or the like. Perhaps that also would be an instance where most believe that prioritizing access to treatment requires bumping someone down the queue, or at least into another queue, as appropriate. Will continue to ponder.

  2. I agree with you, Dot. But at the same time, I do understand that people question the huge amount of money spent on health care for people who don’t appear to deserve it on face value. But who makes those kinds of decisions – and when does a life-style choice becomes an unacceptable one in terms of health care.

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