And back to Hugh (and Sprout)

Dot writes: just to correct that anomalous swerve towards my work…

Hugh is a little hell-fiend at the moment. He has tantrums, he throws things, he flails and flings himself backwards and blames us when he hurts himself. He has entered the terrible twos about seven months early. And also, quite without malice, he is perilously mobile, limitlessly curious, and has not yet absorbed Gandalf’s dictum that one who breaks a thing in order to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom. But at the same time he is showing more and more signs of humanity.

For example. Yesterday he was playing with Ken and he took Ken’s glasses off and threw them across the room. (Ken more-or-less allows him to do this, whereas one of the few successes we’ve had with teaching Hugh how to behave is that he hardly ever tries it with me.) Now Ken is extremely short-sighted. He needed his glasses but he was completely unable to see where they were. So he said to Hugh, ‘Hugh, please will you find daddy’s glasses?’ And Hugh searched briefly, and then he brought Ken his glasses. This may be the first noted instance of Hugh being genuinely and deliberately helpful.

Some more examples. When I pick Hugh up from the childminder’s he has taken to climbing up into his pushchair himself, without having to be wrestled into it. When he was feeling cold today he found his jumper and took it to Ken to have it put on. He is no longer restricted to a Nuby cup but can drink from any kind of spouted beaker or even from an open cup, though this is best only tried in the bath. We feel confident enough to give him a china plate because he no longer finishes meals by chucking his bowl on the floor (though I wouldn’t answer for the food, some days). In a slightly different vein, today he worked out how to press the button (high up and stiff) that releases the pedestrian gate into our complex. He didn’t try to open the gate, but every time he succeeded in producing the buzzing sound he stamped his feet in glee and gave himself a round of applause.

Meanwhile, I am now visibly pregnant, at least to those in the know, and I have been feeling movements for slightly over two weeks (now approaching eighteen weeks). I wasn’t quite sure it was Sprout to start with, but in the last few days it has become insistent and obvious. Hello Sprout – welcome to the dance…


2 thoughts on “And back to Hugh (and Sprout)

  1. Amelia is also now in that hyper-mobile investigative mode that sometimes makes me feel that the surname Still is the biggest misnomer of all time.

    She is so curious about everything that I’m taking her to the Science Museum tomorrow in the vain hope that it might sate her appetite.

    It is so scary to think that she is only just one now but is a proper toddling toddler.

    Of course when I take her out and she is in company she is as disgustingly good as can be and just has everyone in raptures over her eyes, her dimple etc. No one believes that it is all a con! ;-D

  2. Dot

    The thing is, you think they’re hyper-mobile, and then they get MORE mobile. It is possible Hugh has got slightly more sensible about things like trying to step off elevated surfaces, but on the other hand he now needs no help in getting to those elevated surfaces… congratulations on the toddling, by the way!

    Hope you and Amelia have a lovely time at the Science Museum. Give us a report on the blog so we know whether to take Hugh there next time we’re in London.

    Also, I recognise that good-in-public syndrome – but Hugh is starting to tarnish his public image too, at least for the ladies at church who see him trying to climb the bookcase every week.

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