Dot writes: Ken has worked out what has been wrong with Hugh. We are now pretty sure he has hand, foot and mouth disease. On Thursday morning I noticed a scattering of white blobs on his hands, and I wondered if he might have picked up warts. But, as Ken pointed out, they look much more like blisters, and web-searching for ‘blisters on hands’ brought him to these images in a page about the virus. Here’s a picture of Hugh’s poor little hand for comparison.
This makes sense of pretty much all the symptoms Hugh has had this week: the loss of appetite, the fatigue and disturbed sleep, the irritability, and of course the blisters. Some of the rash on his bottom could be down to this virus too, as I see from some of the websites that it can cause a rash around the bottom. Now I know to look, I see he has blisters on the soles of his feet, which helps to confirm the diagnosis, and I may have glimpsed an ulcer in his mouth (it’s a bit hard to look in there). His mouth can’t be that sore, though. He enthusiastically appropriated some of Ken’s grapefruit this morning. As I find grapefruit too sour myself I regard this as quite impressive in an eighteen-month-old.


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