Dot writes: so Ken, little Hugh in his larger buggy, four strangers trying to skip the queue on the stairs, and I were all in the lift going up from platform 1 at Dun Laoghaire. (Background: there had been flooding at Glenageary and the DART was going no further than Dun Laoghaire. But then it was announced that the next train through platform 2 would be resuming normal service. So we were trying to get to platform 2.) Our stomachs felt the familiar lurch, the lift rose, but the doors failed to open. Buttons were vigorously pressed without result. Ken forced the inner door open to show that we had stopped slightly short of the upper floor and the outer door was still shut. We were trapped!

Now the normal thing to do is, of course, to push up the ventilator grill in the roof, climb through, clasp the heroine in one arm and the cable in the other, and shoot away the cubicle below so that it falls burning onto the terrorists and explodes dramatically. However, they had omitted to provide a ventilator grill in this particular lift, and though Ken is very heroic and has quite long arms he would have had a job clasping a twenty-one-weeks-pregnant wife, a toddler and a large pram without dropping his bag of philosophy books. Instead he pressed the alarm bell.

After a bit we heard a voice from outside: “Don’t worry, we know about it.” So that was alright then. We were stuck, but at least we were not forgotten.

Eventually the lift began to move and took us back down to platform 1, where an Iarnrod Eireann worker released us and told us that it was doubtless all our own fault for packing too many people into the lift (though the sign inside said ‘Maximum eight people’ and there had been seven, one of them a small child). Our companions hurried irritably away; the queue on the stairs was gone now. We, being cumbered with the pram, got back into the lift and went up again, this time without mishap. But we managed to miss two southbound trains in the course of the drama and didn’t get home until twenty to seven, despite leaving town just after five.

Lesson for next time: bring sandwiches.


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