Ballybrack today, Dalkey tomorrow

Dot writes: tomorrow we get the keys to the new house. It’s also the day of my department’s external examiners’ meeting, so it’s going to be rather hectic. In a perverse sort of way I rather enjoy examiners’ meetings. It is nice, for one thing, to see all my colleagues – we do tend to separate off into our little boxes – and sometimes people make jokes; and one gets to find out how one’s favourite students have done. Getting the keys to the house will be fun too, except that I’m back to feeling anxious about how we’ll fit everything in, and we haven’t quite finished packing either. (The main move will be done on Saturday, with help from muscly philosophers; cleaning the old flat on Sunday; keys of old flat to be returned on Monday.)

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. My head is full of furniture and lists, and also marks and marksheets and examining procedures, and Hugh has a tremendous snotty cold which I seem to have caught, and altogether I lack the sparkly thoughts to adorn this blog. I do feel it’s about time I wrote something other than reports on our day-to-day doings. Though I do have some more pictures of Hugh I’d like to post, when the big computer is unpacked again and computer to camera communications are resumed.

Anyway, I’ll go off and try to have interesting thoughts. Will let you know if anything occurs to me. (With luck Ken will come to the rescue.)


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