Pigeon post

Dot writes: we STILL have no internet connection, so once more here is a hurried and telegrammatic post smuggled out from my office when I should be doing something else (but I have to go and get Hugh in ten minutes anyway). The weather is suddenly lovely. The house is basically straight now, or as straight as a wee house can be when inhabited by two rather messy adults, one stupendously anarchic toddler, and lots and lots of stuff. Nobody in the family has a cold, sore throat, rash, boil or other ailment beyond slight snuffliness. I have actually managed to get to the library today and it was marvellous, except for the part where I got rather too warm and almost fell asleep. (But I prudently went and did photocopying until I woke up again.) We like being able to take Hugh to the childminder’s on foot and not use our car; Ken cycled into UCD and has been working on a publication (go Ken!). And Hugh has some most attractive new jumpers that I bought for him yesterday, and which he doesn’t need to wear now it has warmed up so much, plus new shoes acquired at the weekend (size 6G).

Happy happy!


3 thoughts on “Pigeon post

  1. katimum

    We’ve been missing you! And this despite various various ‘phone calls to arrange Sir Hugh Scampi’s Mountaining Expedition.

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Photo-copying wakes you up?
    An ice cube down the back of my neck is the only thing that works on days like these.

  3. I used to sleep through lectures over at the O’Reilly institute on a regular basis. No windows at all and a lecturer from Queens with a lovely soporific voice droning on about Databases.

    I think it worked though as when it came to the exam I just went into a stupor and came out with a pretty high grade 😉

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