Feeding the habit

Dot writes: it’s ironic (or maybe not – I no longer have any but the fuzziest sense of how to use that vastly overworked word) that just when we have stopped having a television Hugh has contracted a raging Bob the Builder addiction. He watches the DVDs on our computer. On Saturday morning I had to conduct an emergency dash to Sarah and Dave’s to borrow more Bob DVDs, because Ken and I were ready to excavate a hole in the floor and brick ourselves into it after seeing the same one every day for a week. But it has only got worse since then. This morning, instead of his customary whinge of ‘more miw! more MIW!’ as I lifted him from his cot and carried him down the stairs, Hugh cried for ‘more BOB!’ I actually had to persuade him to have his bottle first (because I thought he would be crabby without some wetting of the whistle and a little dairy something in the tum). He sits raptly in front of the screen through each episode; we know when it’s finished by the peremptory cry of ‘MUMMY?’ summoning us to come and start the next one. If the DVDs are on the shelf he will get one down and bring it to us, though he is not very reliable at finding the right one and has been known to request Creature Comforts by mistake. He likes Creature Comforts a little bit, and decidedly enjoys Peppa Pig, but Bob is his hero. The other night Ken pointed out to Hugh that there was a picture of Bob the Builder on his pyjama top. He then became greatly upset at having to put it on, because it meant he had to stop looking at the picture.

P.S. He does a sweet little dance to the song as well, and he sings his own version of it – just ‘Bob’ followed by jigging about and ‘rah rah RAH’ for the chorus!


One thought on “Feeding the habit

  1. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    For some it’s Bob the Builder, for some it’s LOTR.
    I once played the four Brahms symphonies for 18 hours non-stop (at which point even my father objected), and I was a lot older than Hugh.
    PS and I admit to having read LOTR at least once a year since 1969.

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