Dot writes: yesterday morning I left the bag containing my student’s essay and my lunch on the train. Then when I was in the changing room for the TCD swimming pool at the end of the day I found I’d left my phone in my office, and I had to go back for it – ten minutes each way including the stairs to the fourth floor on leaden, post-exercise, pregnant legs. I remember feeling preoccupied and dreamy last time round, but not this stupid.


2 thoughts on “Preghead

  1. katimum

    Did you ever get the essay, not to mention your lunch, back? If not, I trust the student had another copy (of the essay), something which would not have been the case in the precomputer age of my student days! Presumably the lunch was replaceable.

  2. kenanddot

    I rang up about my lost bag as soon as I could, but it had left the train before the terminus, though not with me… Fortunately I had the essay in electronic form as well, and I bought a different lunch.

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