Dot writes: my posts have been a bit morose and grumpy recently. So here are some things that have been making me happy, as an antidote:

* seeing little Hugh in the pool this afternoon, held up by his Dad’s arm under his chest but kicking vigorously and paddling with his hands – almost swimming, in fact!
* the fit-ball. I don’t remember it being so useful last time round but this time a spot of bouncing and circling just feels lovely to a sore pregnant back. I’m also really enjoying yoga now I’ve gone back to one of the teachers I had last time.
* Hugh’s advances in language. I love his theatrical delivery, too – for example, the exaggerated palms-upwards hand gesture and glance skywards as he says ‘raaaii(n)?’ (Another favourite new word is ‘wet’. The learning opportunities of an Irish summer!)
* seeing so much more of my friend Sarah now we live across the road from her.
* cooking, both mine and Ken’s. We are making an effort to plan our meals more carefully, in the first instance as an economy drive so we waste less food, but it means we are cooking a much better variety of dishes too. Ken makes a mean apple crumble and invented something mouth-watering with salmon and tarragon the other night.
* living so close to the sea.
* little Sprout trailing pointy limbs along my belly and reminding me he’s there, getting ready for the world.

Off to bed now to snuggle between fresh sheets, which were changed today by my excellent husband. Sweet dreams!


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