Dot writes: it is with a certain bitter satisfaction that we note, looking at daft.ie, that our old flat is still on the market more than two months after we left. Also, the advertised price is 50 euros less than the minimum the letting agent named when we tried to negotiate a lower rent. If we had been offered this price we’d probably have agreed to it; as it is, they’ve lost two months rent and we’ve had to move.

We are probably better off where we are, in fact. It’s lovely having a garden and proper storage, and I don’t miss that woman from the downstairs flat one bit. But I do sigh a little when I think back to the beautiful kitchen in our old flat. It’s not so much the tumble-drier or the dishwasher; it’s the ample work-surface, the fan oven (the one here takes forever to heat up) and, even more, the fridge-freezer. Here we only have a little under-counter fridge with a freezer-compartment. At least we’ve finally got round to putting on a decent fridge lock.


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