36 weeks 5 days



7 thoughts on “36 weeks 5 days

  1. Dot

    I’ve found this time round that I got bigger earlier – I went into maternity clothes about a month earlier – but in these final weeks I don’t think there’s much difference; except that I still seem to be gaining weight, and I was definitely losing a little by this stage with Hugh. (Which makes me think Sprout will not be as early as Hugh was.)

    I FEEL big, even though people keep telling me I’m ‘neat’ (which I take as a compliment). It’s the stiffening effect of having baby all up my front.

  2. Ali

    With my second pregnancy I laboured (ha!) under the delusion that from the back I didn’t look pregnant and that I still had a waist. Subsequently I am convinced you could have seen my pregnancy from space – from any angle. you look lovely though. blooming!

  3. kenanddot

    Gosh, I wonder if my pregnancy is visible on Google Earth? Though I suspect you exaggerate, Ali (I suspect Alice does too. Just a hunch).


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