Sprout update

Dot writes: we now get weekly visits from the midwives, and they came this morning. Happily Hugh was in good form. He engaged the midwives (Niamh, the senior midwife, and Aoife, a trainee) in conversation as best he could while I nipped upstairs to the bathroom; which is to say that he pointed at the window and said ‘woof-woof!’ (referring to the dog next door), and then he pointed at his toy cars and said ‘car!’. In his opinion these are clearly the most important things to bring to a visitor’s attention.

It was a rapid meeting because the midwives were having a busy morning. The usual tests were clear and my blood pressure was 100/60, which it has been at every single measurement apart from the first one, the only one taken in a hospital. I thought the bump had dropped during the week and Niamh confirmed that Sprout’s head is now engaged. She asked if Aoife could have a feel too because I had ‘a perfect tummy’. I don’t think it has ever been called that before, and I’m certain it never will again (unless I REALLY hit the gym postpartum), but I feel rather chuffed!


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