Vocabulary updates

Dot writes: I’ve added some updates on how Hugh’s vocabulary is increasing in the form of comments on this post from a month ago. This is for my own benefit, mostly, because I like to look back on old blog posts and see how Hugh has progressed.

It is a bit hard to decide exactly what is in Hugh’s vocabulary for a number of reasons. He tends to have favourite expressions (currently ‘no way!’) and on the other hand there are a couple of words we thought he knew that I haven’t noticed him using for a while (‘tickle’, for instance, possibly because he is less interested in tickling games at the moment; also ‘cracker’). Some words he uses in very idiosyncratic or mysterious ways: ‘red’ is his only colour word, but he applies it to all sorts of odd things; he has also picked up that we like to use the sequence ‘one, two, three’ for games where we swing him in the air or he jumps into a swimming pool, so he likes to say ‘chew, tree!’ before bashing his trike into a bush or something similarly thrilling. Some words he will say if prompted but not spontaneously (‘wheel’, ‘whale’ and ‘truck’, for example, and ‘tractor’ may fall into this category); this is complicated by the fact that he is increasingly starting to mimic words back to us as we say them, and we don’t know how deeply he is learning them. He still talks a lot of scribble, too, which can be hard to distinguish from English words that he is just pronouncing imprecisely.

I wonder how long before we get rudimentary sentences? He does combine words in a couple of very simple phrases: ‘no way!’ is one, I suppose, but his favourite is ‘more x’ as in ‘more miw [milk]’, ‘more Boh [Bob]’ etc. Yesterday he spent a determined ten minutes or so pointing at the cupboard and exclaiming ‘more [two tongue clicks]’, meaning ‘more chocolate’!


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