Plant food

Dot writes: nicknaming our baby ‘Sprout’ has left me rather short of witty titles for update posts about his growth. We should really have called him ‘Piglet’. When he was first born and I was trying to feed him I was discouraged to find that initiating breast-feeding was almost as hard second time around as first time. He was a bit keener than his brother had been (not having spent that crucial first half hour in an ambulance with a jet of oxygen playing over his tiny nostrils), and I was more competent at holding him, but there was the same difficulty in getting the breast past his hands, and the same anxiety over the latch – how could I ever manage to stuff enough nipple in before the little jaws went munch? I resigned myself to the same process of feeding through with bleeding nipples and gallons of Lansinoh. Only, actually, it wasn’t that hard at all. We got over the hump in a couple of days. I never even bought any Lansinoh. And I can now proudly report that, when weighed yesterday at the clinic, Frank was 7lb 14oz (3.56kg) in nappy and babygro, which means that even taking some off for the clothes (3oz) he had gained at least eleven ounces over his birth weight in eleven days. In fact he seems to be feeding almost all the time at present. He obviously wants to catch up as soon as possible with big brother and have revenge for all those loving smacks on the head he’s been getting.


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