Dot writes: here’s a thing that irritates me: ordering some standard item, which I am craving, in a cafe, and having them serve it in a silly gimmicky way. Tea is a particular victim. I hate that habit in cafes of continental pretensions of serving you a cup of hot water and a tea bag – which is a rubbish way to make tea, and I think they only do it that way to tell you that if you were as sophisticated as them you would have ordered coffee. The cafe in Waterstones on Dawson St has an interesting variant: the tea is served in a cafetiere, with the tealeaves floating loosely beneath the plunger. After a bit you decide it must surely be brewed, put the plunger down, pour – and get faintly brown hot water with escaped tealeaves on top. One of the cafes in Dalkey has branched out from ruining tea to ruining bagels. They toast them in a sandwich toaster so they come out flattened with a pattern of little ridges. If your child asked for bagels, would you give them a panini with a hole in it?

As you can tell, the part of my brain not taken up with planning the boys’ naps is devoted to matters of great public importance.


2 thoughts on “Gimmicks

  1. kenanddot

    The cafes may say they are giving people the choice as to how strong to have their tea. I would say that is misleading: the choice is between weak and piss-weak. The hot-water-plus-tea-bag method doesn’t give you the choice of adequately strong.

  2. Belle Inconnue

    it’s not gimmicky, it’s just rubbish! And the problem, surely, is that the water is merely hot, not boiling, rather than that it has a tea bag in it, or is in a cafetiere. The proper way to do things is obviously boiling water, loose tea, tea pot, some kind of strainer.

    The worst of all possible worlds is the french way of making tea – lipton’s yellow tea bag, in cold water, put in the microwave. gross!!!

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