Succulent Sprout

Dot writes: I got Frank weighed at the clinic today and he is now 9lb 9oz or 4.355kg in nappy and vest. He is three weeks and three days old. I’m trying to work out if he is gaining as fast as Hugh did but am hampered by the imprecise nature of the data and my inability to do basic maths. Still, I think the answer is no.

(Hugh was 6lb 9oz/2.96 kg at birth and 9lb 4oz/4.215kg at 25 days. That’s 1.25kg of gain over 25 days not allowing for clothes, while Frank has gained 1.17kg over 24 days. So it seems Hugh was marginally our piggier piggle at this stage, but it’s close; and Hugh was weighed in two layers of clothes not one.)


3 thoughts on “Succulent Sprout

  1. At least he is gaining – due to our inability to feed well Amelia dropped weight at an alarming rate initially and I had the midwives scaring me witless with threats of her being taken to hospital.

  2. Dot

    Poor you – how very alarming. I would be quite happy to have a slightly less porky baby this time (easier on the back, for one thing). In fact Frank weighs more than Hugh did at the same age just from being a little bigger to start with.

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