Dot writes: so this weekend the Mothering Challenge has gone up a level: Ken is away until Sunday evening and I am on my own with the boys for a night and two whole days. Eeek! I contacted my friend Aura to arrange to meet up with her and her toddler, as it’s always far easier if there is something for Hugh to do other than destroy the house and I feel stronger with company. What we have arranged is a trip to Mount Usher Gardens tomorrow. This may be lovely or it may on the other hand be an opportunity to spend the afternoon sitting on a tree-stump feeding Frank and shouting futilely as Hugh vanishes into a ha-ha, lake or other hazard. We’ll see. It won’t be boring, that’s for sure. We went the playground this morning. Now, what to do this afternoon?


4 thoughts on “Scary

  1. katimum

    I trust Ken has returned safely by now – it was lovely seeing him, if a bit brief, and with my mind half on the Sheep Concert (not singing sheep, you understand, but singing about them).

    1. katimum

      The ‘Sheep Concert’ was on the theme of ‘Sheep, Shepherds and the Pastural Scene’ – we ranged from Old Macdonald to ‘He shall feed his flock’ with a good chunk of madrigals in the middle – what those Arcadian Shepherds and Shepherdesses got up to doesn’t bear repeating (except we did, and got one of the repeats disasterously wrong in ‘Fair Phyllis’!) Hey ho!

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