Dot writes: parts of the weekend were pretty enjoyable. We (really I) chickened out of going to Mount Usher Gardens on Sunday and instead went to see chickens at Airfield, which is an open farm near Dundrum. My friend Aura heroically chased toddlers around while I fed Frank and had a slightly awkward encounter with a colleague who volunteers there. When sitting around with one tit out I am slow to produce witty nothings on the topic of geese and chicken-wire. It didn’t help that, after a night of attending to Frank, I had been summoned at 5.45am by Hugh. 5.45 is very early for him these days (today he slept until 7.20) and he was in a horrible mood. I’m still not sure how single parents manage. We were all extremely pleased to see Ken when he came back on Sunday night.

I recommend Airfield, by the way. It has an excellent cafe and very appealing pigs, and it feels like entering a surprising new dimension to find this oasis of vegetable beds and animals right next to South Dublin’s poshest shopping centre.

Yesterday I took Frank to the breastfeeding group at Loughlinstown Health Centre and had him weighed and I can proudly report that he had gained more than a pound in a week. He was wearing more clothes than last time, so once more we can’t be absolutely precise, but the scales showed 10lb 12oz/ 4.875kg. We are moving up a size in nappies. He was a calendar month old on Sunday.

When I get the chance I’m going to write a non-diary post for once. Breastfeeding pins me to the sofa and stops me paying attention to Hugh or the housework to the extent I’d like, but on the other hand I get to read books. It feels like ages – it has been, in fact, at least a year – since I had such a chance and I am relishing it. I started by rereading climbing books as they’re what we have hanging around in the living room, but in the last week or so I’ve read Brick Lane by Monica Ali, a book called Word Crime which is about forensic linguistics, and Spies by Michael Frayn, and I’ve assembled a pile to be going on with. Next on the list: my friend Allie Spencer’s new novel, Tug of Love.


2 thoughts on “Mixed

  1. kenanddot

    I only had to pay for myself, so it seemed quite reasonable; but it must start to feel like quite a lot when the children get old enough stop being free. It is a very good destination with toddlers.

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