Dot writes: I’ve just spent a little time adding new links to our blogroll. We’ve tended to keep it short in the past but I think a change of policy is called for, and I was inspired by Belgian Waffle to get round to doing something about it. I’ll carry on adding more links as I think of them, though I’ll try not to swamp the list with the Mummy blogs and midwifery blogs that I am particularly interested in myself. At the moment the bulk of the posts are my diary posts, but Ken does still contribute thoughts on current affairs, philosophy and language, and even I occasionally pop my head out of the nursery window. The blogroll ought to reflect that.

I’ve wondered if we would get more hits if we separated our blogs out, and had a proper philosophy blog (so people looking for philosophy wouldn’t be put off by all the stuff about infant sleeping habits), a proper baby blog, a proper books/culture blog etc. But this is who we are and we do at least manage to post fairly often this way. I would like more comments, though. The best way to get them is probably to start commenting more on other people’s blogs. I haven’t signed up for NaBloPoMo but I hereby resolve to leave at least one comment per day for this month and show some of the nice people out there that they’re being read. And maybe they’ll come back and talk to us.


5 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. kenanddot

    @Sarah: worth a try, though.

    @Jeremy: I’m not very good at being outrageous or offensive. I’ll have to encourage Ken to do that bit:-)

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