In which Hugh eats cake

Dot writes: now we’re back in Dublin, here are some of the pictures from our trip to England.

Becky, Jeremy and Clem, who kindly hosted us in York.

Hugh meets a cat.
Mum took us to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park, which specializes in large felines. Hugh was very taken with them and exclaimed “cat! cat!”, pronouncing the t very carefully. You wouldn’t want to offend this particular cat.
Dot and Sprout at Thrigby.

Hugh's first haircut.
I went first to show him it was safe and he was really amazingly good. He was then rather less good when we took him to Toys’R’Us and then straight out again to buy shoes. We should have known better. The award for Most Heroic Shoe-Fitter goes to the woman who chased Hugh round and round Brantano Footwear as he tried not one but four different pairs, eventually settling on size 7.5G with flashing heel feature.

The excuse for our trip was that my parents were giving a party. Hugh had spent much of his time in Norfolk staging dramatic protests over meal times and refusing to eat, but he miraculously regained his appetite in the vicinity of chocolate cake.

Now you ask, I do feel a bit peckish.
The cake picture and the next two were taken by one of my mum’s colleagues.
What exactly has Grandma just said to Frank?

Someone mentioned milk.


3 thoughts on “In which Hugh eats cake

  1. katimum

    What I actually said was that I thought the choc cake would have gone by the time he was old enough to be allowed some!

    I think the Tiger thought Tea had just arrived – it was rather scarey walking with Hugh right over the top of his enclosure with only the mesh of the very narrow walkway between us and the tiger – one just had to trust that his powers of levitation were limited! Didn’t seem to worry Hugh, though.

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