Here, There, Where words and others

Ken writes:

The words ‘here’, ‘there’ and ‘where’ belong to a regular structure that is shared by a number of other words. I’ve arranged the ones I’m familiar with in the table below.

H (this place) Th (that place) Wh (which place)
ence (from (place)) Hence (from this) Thence (from that place) Whence (from which place?)
ither (to (place)) Hither (to this place) Thither (to that place) Whither (to which place?)
ere (at (place)) Here (at this place) There (at that place) Where (at which place)
erein Herein (in this place) Therein (in that place) Wherein (in which place)
Erefore (explanation) ? (assimilated to therefore?) Therefore (for that reason) Wherefore (for which reason)
En (at (time)) ? Then (at that time) When (at which time)
Ereupon (immediate succession) ? Thereupon (immediately following that time) = Whereupon (immediately following which time)
Ereafter (from (time)) Hereafter (from this time) Thereafter (from that time) ?
eretofore Heretofore (up to this time) ? ?
ereinafter Hereinafter (in the pages after this page) ? ?

As you can see the pattern is not entirely regular (as befits a real language). The H-cases are missing for explanation, immediate succession and at a time themes. (In my opinion, the difference between ‘therefore’ and ‘wherefore’ lies is whether the claim it applies to is already known in advance. If so, it is merely being explained so ‘wherefore’ is used. If not, it is being proved, so ‘therefore’ is used). The Wh-case is missing for the from-time theme and only the H-case exists for the up to this time and the after this page themes.

Can anyone think of instances for these missing cases? Are there any more themes that display the H, Th, Wh pattern?


One thought on “Here, There, Where words and others

  1. Chris

    The OED lists ‘thereuntill’ and ‘whereuntil’ (although the first is arch., and the second is dial.). But no ‘hereuntil’.

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