Drop and give me half

Dot writes: admire the amazing athletic achievements of Frank (aged 12 weeks):


5 thoughts on “Drop and give me half

  1. katimum

    He wears just such an expression as his Aunt Meriel at much the same age – and she was crawling by 5 months! Lock up the china (and the brandy)- no-where will be safe!

  2. Dot

    There’s quite a long way to go from head-lifting to crawling. But it’s fortunate that our china and whisky long ago went to live in high places…

    I do like the expression on his little face!

  3. Mairi

    Poor wee Hugh, he has a red-nose and bright cheeks and looks as if he has a cold or has been crying. He is trying very hard to be a good older brother.

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