Happy New Year

Dot writes: at the start of 2009 I thought I knew what was going to happen: Hugh would get bigger and start talking, and I would either have research leave in the autumn (just in time for the new curriculum, how selfish of me) or follow Ken to some exciting new job of his, preferably next door to my sister though I accepted that was asking rather a lot. Hugh has indeed got bigger and started talking (currently trying out saying that he likes things, as in “I like choc’late”). But instead of the second bit we have the happy surprise of little Frank, and the rather less happy surprises of the utter collapse of the philosophy job market and a budget which has cut our child benefit and also my salary. So who knows what 2010 will bring? But here are some things I am looking forward to:

– getting to know Frank as he grows from a baby to a toddler. By this time next year he will almost certainly be walking and might even be saying a few words – what a thought!
– having potty-trained Hugh. Not really looking forward to the process…
– waking my brain up again and doing some academic work
– running regularly, I hope, and when I go back to work maybe even hitting the gym
– seeing Ken again on Monday!

Happy New Year


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