Dot writes: this morning Frank rolled over from front to back and I was exceedingly thrilled. He did it on the sofa with a slight slope to help him, but it definitely still counts. Hugh seemed quite excited too. I tried to video a repeat effort but instead just got footage of Hugh giving a rather bouncy all-over cuddle (with growly sounds) to Frank’s head. Frank is also showing signs of starting to use his hands and is doing a lot of vague grabbing and swatting, for example to my dinner-plate when I unwisely had him on my knee during dinner. He is fifteen weeks old.

With Hugh, I seemed to spend ages waiting for each milestone and wondering why he wasn’t doing x yet. Actually, that should probably be present tense except that there are no big milestones on the cards at the moment (we hope to potty-train him in the summer). With Frank it’s more a case of “my goodness, he’s already doing x!” This may suggest the thinner ration of attention accorded the younger child, but I think it’s harder on Hugh, on the whole, for whom we will always be inexperienced parents encountering each change for the first time. It’s easier to let Frank go at his own pace. That pace might be about to get quicker – less than four months old and we have the beginnings of mobility…


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