An even snowier day in Dalkey

Dot writes: this is what the houses opposite looked like yesterday morning:

My resolutions about running more in the new year aren’t exactly thriving, but I tell myself that the constant tensing of the upper legs so as to avoid slipping is probably doing wonders for my muscle tone. In fact the deeper layer of snow is easier to walk on than the compacted, refrozen slick we had on Friday. We’ve been for a couple more little walks and made ourselves useful by buying the newspapers for the old lady in no. 19. Just now (at 7.15 on Sunday morning) Hugh (in pyjamas) was demanding his boots so he could go out in the snow. I meanly said no.


2 thoughts on “An even snowier day in Dalkey

  1. Sweet picture and sweet pictures, all, below. I have been loving the snow and am very sad now that it is melting. Mainly because it means I have no excuse to stay home from work, with the roads clear and the numpties driving safely again! But also because the forms and lines of the world seem somehow diminished without their white, almost perfect blanket. Oh, well. In another life, I’ll live with perfect summers of brown wheat sun and perfect winters of powder soft snowfall.

  2. kenanddot

    It was lovely, wasn’t it. Our snow has melted too, mostly on Sunday, and to the embarrassment of the minister who announced all the schools would be closed until Thursday because of the severe weather. Oddly enough this warming means Hugh can’t really play outdoors any more: mud and rain are much less fun than snow, and the lawn has turned back into a sucky horrible swamp.

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