Flip flip

Dot writes: last night I put Frank down on the floor on his tummy and turned away for a moment. Then I looked at him again. “Hang on a mo,” I thought, “something has changed.” He was now on his back. Just to check, I flipped him onto his tummy, and he demonstrated a neat little roll. He can do it to either side, as well. I know I trumpeted his rolling ability a couple of weeks ago, but that was on the sofa with a slight slope to help him; this is the first time he’s managed it on the flat floor.

He is also definitely using his hands now:

I am tremendously enjoying watching Frank wake up to the world. I’ve started on occasion to put him in the top seat of the double buggy (if Hugh isn’t there) or to change it into two-toddler mode, and it’s lovely to see Frank getting his first decent views of Outside. I love his little bright face, his blue eyes and sweet pointy nose, turned with interest towards the houses and people. He is also teething, but never mind.


3 thoughts on “Flip flip

  1. Hi there
    Thanks for the comment over at my place as they say. I also have a turning twisting just turned 7 month old – Sean. It is a joy to see but I also remember how quick then they proceed to crawl (then nothing is safe) and then to walking !!
    Right now I have a cranky man with chesty cough yes it is teething time.
    Agree with you Smyths much better, but still wouldn’t bring my 2.5 year old in there, too much temptation!!
    All the best

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