Which of us are you?

1. Your favourite food is
a) broccoli
b) bad for you
c) chocolate
d) milk

2. Your life would be much better if only you got more
a) sex
b) sleep
c) dinosaurs, chocolate, Bob the Builder, Shrek, crackers, biscuits, grapes, playtime with Jake, visits to Fun Fitness, eggs (scrambled), sticker books, toys with intriguing fiddly parts a baby could swallow, walks with Daddy, swimming and bedtime stories
d) muscle control

3. You are lying on the floor because
a) you are being jumped on by Hugh
b) you are trying to do yoga but you are being jumped on by Hugh
c) in this position it is hard for your mother to put your jumper on
d) you are trying to roll back to front and you are being jumped on by Hugh

4. Your current reading is
a) books about brewing
b) Hilary Mantel, Beyond Black
c) Each Peach Pear Plum
d) stripes

5. At the swimming pool you
a) wear your glasses in the water
b) have difficulty operating the locker
c) run about dangerously
d) are horrified

6. You sleep
a) with your head under the pillow
b) lightly towards dawn
c) in a sort of Islamic prayer position
d) inconveniently

7. You know lots of words for
a) philosophical concepts
b) rhetorical devices
c) vehicles and construction equipment
d) waaaah

Mostly (a) = Ken; (b) = Dot; (c) = Hugh; (d) = Frank


3 thoughts on “Which of us are you?

  1. Lily Roth

    Hmmm…I’m definitely Dot here. Sleep has become an elusive fantasy. I must say, though, that Hugh seems to be having the most fun! Perhaps he needs a trampoline so that he can jump on something other than his family?

    I have the feeling that my own little Pingle will be a fanatical jumper…he is already enjoying flexing his uncoordinated leg muscles by “standing” on my lap.

  2. Dot

    Frank does that standing up thing too. But, now I have two, I have a much greater sense of how babies’ physical behaviour differs. Frank enjoys tummy time and is basically a wriggly baby. Hugh hated it and was slow to roll, but he always enjoyed pushing up and was very strong (still is).

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