This week we are mostly making fork-lift trucks

Dot writes: Frank would like to roll back to front. At the moment, this happens instead. This sequence of pictures would look better if I’d had the wit to use the same format for all of them (and if I hadn’t dressed him as a 1970s sofa), but you’ll get the idea.

Meanwhile Hugh is having a big lego phase. Apparently these wheeled constructions are fork-lift trucks.

I wouldn’t take exception to the phrase ‘the terrible twos’, but a two-year-old on a good day is a fascinating creature. The other day we were having lunch. Ken had gone out while Hugh was napping, so we were talking about where he was. “Daddy’s at work,” I said (Ken had gone into UCD). “Daddy work,” said Hugh. And then: “don’t worry, Mummy. Don’t worry.”


3 thoughts on “This week we are mostly making fork-lift trucks

    1. kenanddot

      What does Clem call them? Hugh’s can also be cranes, dinosaurs or trumpets. We make planes and helicopters for him. I know another little boy whose lego towers at this stage were (according to him) cake. Hugh pretends the brown bricks are chocolate.

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