What we have learnt today

Dot writes:
today we have learnt
– that Frank does not like the taste of Milton tablets, even if the bottle contains breastmilk*
– that, on the other hand, he is quite happy to be fed a mix of mashed banana and cow’s milk, in defiance of current weaning guidelines
– that his big brother now actually prefers his plastic beaker with the elephant on it to a bottle
– that so long as Hugh’s dinner is on the table it is of no interest, but as soon as it goes in the bin it becomes overwhelmingly attractive
– that Frank does the loudest burps in the family.

Which is all very useful information to have and I’m sure you’re grateful I shared it.

*consenting to take a bottle is a very new development in any case, less than a week old


2 thoughts on “What we have learnt today

  1. Lily Roth

    How about buying a special mini-bin (I have one from Lakeland) for Hugh’s dinners? 😉 Maybe he won’t notice your cunning plan…

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