Dot writes: a typical dinnertime conversation with Hugh (good mood version).
“Look, Hugh, carrots!”
“I like carrots!”
“That’s great. Eat them up.”
“Tasty! Lum!” Big smile. Then he doesn’t touch them.

Meanwhile we have started Frank on solids. Current guidelines say you should wait until six months, and Frank is just shy of five, but he is a very large, hungry baby – I’ve just had to bring out the 6-9 months size clothes for him – and he was noticeably interested in our dinners; his sleep also had deteriorated. So on Monday night I tried giving him some mashed banana. He pulled a horrible face, but it all went in. Tuesday night, a whole pot (a whole pot!) of fruit puree. Wednesday, some baby porridge: this was a bit less popular, though he took a respectable portion of it; those baby cereals are terribly bland and my little piggle wants TASTE. Yesterday we were in a cafe recovering from some shopping and Frank was on my lap. Two little hands came up and grasped mine, and with surprising force he guided my raspberry muffin to his mouth.


3 thoughts on “Lum!

  1. Lily Roth

    Ha! I have seen several young and hungry babies attempt similar food-related larceny (with varying degrees of success) whilst out at cafes…I don’t think they are aware of the 6 month rule!

    My own 2 month plus baby is rather slender but also very hungry. As of yet, no interest in anything but mother’s milk…

  2. Clem is a picky eater too as you witnessed when you visited. His main trick, committed in collusion with the nursery, is to refuse whatever we offer him over the weekend, then to eat the same thing at nursery with gusto on Tuesday.

    For example, on Monday evening Becky made a delicious carrot soup. Clem ate none. He happily sat a the table, munched a little bread, rejected carrot soup. At nursery yesterday, he ate seconds of soup for tea. Seconds. Maybe their soup was better than ours but I doubt it’s that much different.

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